SYSE Bio-tech. Co., Ltd. is a professional company focusing on the research of laboratory animal metabolism. Please join us and contribute to the research of human diseases.



The product's value  is  the conversations we have with our scientist clients.  We do not have distributors and individual sales staffs. Our conversation usually  begin with discussions of the animal models  used, required phenotypes and dietary requirements.Next, our scientists will search the published literature to provide you with tools to make an informed decision on diet selection based on solid science. Only then will we recommend  diet formulas.  . Please contact us in time before   0519-85116190

我们产品的价值在于我们与科学家客户的对话。因此,我们没有经销商及单独的销售人员。我们的谈话通常从讨论使用的动物模型,所需的表型和饮食要求开始。接下来,我们将搜索已发表的文献,为您提供基于可靠科学的饮食选择决策的工具。只有这样我们才会推荐饮食配方。请在订购之前及时与我们联系   0519-85116190