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Hydrogel is a special nutrient substance with diverse functions, convenient feeding, sterile. It has the unmatched characteristics of other products in improving of the welfare of laboratory animals.Now, it is more and more popular with scientific researchers.

All products are sterile, and most of them are suitable for storage at room temperature. The products are available in liquid and solid form. All products do not add preservatives and artificial colors. The color of the product is the natural color of the raw material. The gel will become darker after irradiation. It is the nature precipitation if there have some insoluble particles at the bottom of the gel.  It is the natural precipitation of insoluble substances and does not affect the quality of the product.



Item No.货号              Description/产品描述


 a non-wetting water gel for animal hydration. 98% pure water. The industry standard for hydration during transportation.固体水。
GEL-76A    a nutritionally fortified dietary supplement, combining hydration and nutrition in a single serving. 全营养凝胶
GEL-CPF a flavor enhanced, nutritionally fortified, dietary supplement with carprofen, for pain management in recovering rodents. 卡洛芬止疼凝胶


  a nutritionally fortified water gel that aids in the recovery of post surgical, weak or impaired rodents. Proven to increase survival rates in compromised animals. Formulated with purified ingredients that provide 70% water, calories and electrolytes.营养强化水凝胶,有助于手术后恢复,弱或啮齿动物受损。 可以提高受感染动物的存活率。 
GEL-BOOST a high-energy nutritional supplement that provides caloric support for weanlings, post surgical, debilitated and aging animals.一种高能量营养补充剂,为断奶,手术后,衰弱和老化的动物提供热量支持。
GEL-FBZ a ready to use hydration gel supplement with Fenbendazole (150 ppm) for the treatment of pinworms.一种即用型水合凝胶补充剂,含有芬苯达唑(150 ppm),用于治疗蛲虫。
GEL-TMS a ready to use hydration gel supplement containing Trimethoprim (260 ppm) and Sulfamethoxazole (1300 ppm) for recovering rodents.一种即用型水合凝胶补充剂,含有甲氧苄啶(260 ppm)和磺胺甲恶唑(1300 ppm),用于啮齿动物的恢复。 提供解决方案用于免疫受损/辐照啮齿动物菌株。
GEL-MLX a flavor enhanced, nutritionally fortified, dietary supplement with meloxicam for pain management in recovering rodents.一种风味增强,营养强化,含有美洛昔康的膳食补充剂,用于恢复啮齿动物的疼痛管理,5mg/kg/day摄入量。
GEL-Strawberry Delivery and flavor masking of oral medications.杨梅凝胶,用于药物的遮盖剂。
GEL-Prenatal a high protein supplement, combining hydration and nutrition in a single serving, for lactating and breeding rodents. Formulated with purified ingredients and Omega 3 fatty acids.一种高蛋白质补充剂,结合水合作用和营养成分,用于哺乳和繁殖啮齿动物。 含有纯化成分,富含Omega 3脂肪酸。

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