SYSE Bio-tech Co.,LTD. is a professional company focusing on the research of laboratory animal metabolism. Please join us and contribute to the research of human diseases.


SYSE BIO is striving to become the leading supplier of small molecule compounds, custom diets, digital pathology ,and metabolic cage in  laboratory animal metabolism models worldwide. SYSE BIO 致力于成为实验动物代谢模型中优秀的小分子化合物、定制饮食、数字病理学和实验室动物代谢笼的供应商

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                                  the clearance rate of cortical microglia  over  90% in 14 days/14天皮层小胶质细胞清除率达到90%以上
metabolic cage/代谢笼

Precise nutritional formula-Opensource(purified formulars)-

Modify  within the range of 1ppm(solid) or 1ppb (liquid).


Calorimetry, Microbiome activity Monitoring, Feeding、Drinking、BW, Food & Liquid control, Implantable telemetry


Zebrafish diet  formulas with completely independent intellectual property rights, no longer worry about the fish diets for  mouth-open period.


Customized high-purity compound-synthesis 


digital pathology/数字病理

Functional Gel-Easy to feed-Sterile-Customable


GLP standard pathology inspection service, issue the certified-expert report

HALO multi-module analysis software, serving high-end scientific research customers



Research projects being funded/公司正在资助的研究项目
  • Effectiveness Research on animal and plant functional proteins
  • Study on the metabolism of large lab animals
  • Innovative research in rats and mice
  • Repair and localization of high-end imported experimental instruments
  • 动植物功能蛋白的有效性研究
  • 大型实验动物的代谢研究
  • 大小鼠创新性研究
  • 高端进口实验仪器的修缮及国产化改造
7*24H Sevice


由于历史原因,我司早期的大部分饲料产品货号与Research Diets Inc. 的产品货号一致,给相关人员及公司造成了不少困惑。因​此我司决定重新编制公司的所有产品货号,缓冲期为两年。两年之内实行双货号制,请客户发文时优先引用新货号。2020/3/14

For some historical reasons, some of our early diets numbers are the same with those of the Research Diets Inc., which caused a lot of confusions for related personnel and the companies. Therefore, we decide to rename all diets numbers with a buffer period of two years. The dual article number system will be implemented within two years. Please use the new diets numbers when publishing your papers. Thanks. 14-3-2020