SYSE Bio-tech. Co., Ltd. is a professional company focusing on the research of laboratory animal metabolism. Please join us and contribute to the research of human diseases.


About us-关于我们

SYSE BIO is owned and managed by Haishan J, who has worked exclusively in lab animal nutrition and metabolism research for over 10 years. Haishan J is the founder and chief executive officer of SYSE BIO. In addition, he is the inventor and promoter of the  full range of our products and sevices.

It all started in 2012 as the distributor of RDI(Research Diets Inc.). He found the urgent need of laboratory animals for reliable sources of customized purified diets and other related products. With his first-hand knowledge of laboratory animal research, he has strivied to make SYSE BIO become the leading supplier of small molecule compounds, custom diets, digital pathology ,and metabolic cage in  laboratory animal metabolism models worldwide.

We has more over 30 employees, including nutritionists, chemical synthesis experts, clinical experts, pathologists, software developers and  industrial designers. In the indistry  of laboratory animal nutrition, we have developed many original products, especially in  high-fat , trace element deficiency and compound-addition diets,  have exceeded the quality standard of RDI.

常州鼠一鼠二生物科技有限公司(SYSE BIO)由姜海善先生所拥有和管理,他专门从事实验室动物营养和代谢研究超过10年。 他是SYSE BIO的创始人兼首席执行官。 此外,他还是我们全系列产品和服务的发明者和推动者。

公司的成立是始于创始人在2012 年作为 RDI 的经销商后发生的。 他当时意识到实验室动物对定制纯化饮食和其他相关产品的可靠来源的迫切需求。 凭借对实验动物研究的第一手知识,他努力使SYSE BIO成为全球领先的小分子化合物、定制饮食、数字病理学和实验动物代谢模型代谢笼的供应商。

公司拥有 30 多名员工,包括营养学家,化工合成专家,临床专家,病理专家,软件开发人员和工业设计师。在实验动物营养领域,我们开发出了许多独创性的产品,特别是在高脂饲料微量元素缺乏化合物添加定制饲料的研究方面,已经超越了RDI的质量标准。

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