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PLX5622  and PLX5622-FA                                                           For Research use Olny-仅供科研使用,严禁用于人或动物的治疗等任何其他用途

PLX5622 or PLX5622FA (hemifumarate) is a highly selective brain penetrant and oral active inhibitor of CSF1R(Ki of 5.9 nM). PLX5622 or PLX5622-FA can eliminate microglia in the brain, which can persist in wild-type and Alzheimer's disease model mice (3xTg-AD model). In the AD model, PLX5622 or PLX5622-FA can prevent the association of microglia with amyloid beta plaques and improve cognitive ability. PLX5622-FA is the hemifumarate form of PLX5622 (PLX5622 Hemifumarate), which has more stable chemical properties.

PLX5622 & PLX5622-FA是一种高度选择性的,血脑屏障可渗透和具有口服活性的CSF1R抑制剂,其Ki值为5.9 nM。PLX5622可消除大脑中的小胶质细胞,这在野生型和阿尔茨海默氏病模型小鼠(3xTg-AD模型)中可以持续存在。在AD模型中,PLX5622 & PLX5622-FA防止小胶质细胞与淀粉样蛋白β斑块缔合,并改善了认知能力。PLX5622-FA 为PLX5622的半富马酸盐形式(PLX5622 Hemifumarate),具有更加稳定的化学特性。


PLX5622 Purity: >98.00%

Molecular Formula-分子式:C₂₁H₁₉F₂N₅O


Item No.-货号:JP-2112

PLX5622-FA     (PLX5622 Hemifumarate)    Purity: >98.00%

Molecular Formula-分子式:C₂₃H₂₁F₂N₅O₃


Item No.-货号:JP-2113

Custom Diet with PLX5622 and Control Diet

Product #-货号:PD1001

Descrption-产品描述: AIN-76A  Control Diet

Specification-规格:500克/包, 500gm/bag

Form-形式:1/2“ pellet

Product #-货号:D20010802

Descrption-产品描述:Based on AIN-76A with 1380ppm PLX5622-FA

(Free base-有效含量:1200ppm PLX5622)。

Specification-规格:500克/包, 500gm/bag

Form-形式:1/2“ pellet

Product #-货号:D20010801

Description-产品描述:Based on AIN-76A with 1200ppm PLX5622

Specification-规格:500克/包, 500gm/bag

Form-形式:1/2“ pellet

Client's  literatures:


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Quality Commitment:


The each batch of compounds pass the pre-experiment. 

The clearance rate of cortical microglia over 90% (WT mice) after 14-days treatment.

A full-refund or exchange is available for invalid experiments.

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